Here is a list of some of the best books, blogs, and Twitter feeds that I have found, and use often for inspiration. This list will change, as I am always reading, and always looking for new resources to inspire and motivate me. Every day, I strive to be a better teacher and the best way to do that is to keep learning.


Lifehacker – This is a great resource for everything from gizmos and gadgets to tips on keeping insects away or finding better sleep. You name it, lifehacker has it, if it will make you lead a better and easier life.

Carrie Wilkerson – This lady is a dynamo of inspiration. Her book, “The Barefoot Executive”  also makes my list of invaluable resources. She loves to use video and she blogs on a host of issues that will allow you to create the life that you want for yourself.

Scott Adams – Scott Adams is the creator of the incomparable Dilbert comic strip. This is his personal blog were he uses his same wit to address everyday realities. It’s fun and I always come away with something.

Seth Godin – I love Seth’s blog because most of the posts are short and to the the point. He’s a marketing genius and I find all sorts of little takeaways on marketing business and marketing myself.

Pete’s Must Read Books – Click the links to go directly to Amazon to get your copy.

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – The late great Dr. Stephen R. Covey changed the world for me with this book. My copy is beat up, page corners turned down, and filled with notes and post-it notes. Arguably the greatest personal development book ever written. Not only have I read it cover to cover a bunch f times, but it sits on my desk so I can revisit it often. This is definitely a must read. Covey went on to write “The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness” as well. He has been a real mentor in my life, and I never had the opportunity to meet him.

“The Barefoot Executive” – I found an enormous amount of little pearls of wisdom in this book by Carrie Wilkerson. This website would not be hear had it not been for her inspiration. It is well written and it is written to address me and you. You don’t need an advanced degree to understand this book. Carrie is full of inspiration and cares about the people she is seeking to inspire. She often interacts with her followers on Facebook and Twitter.

“Thinking For A Change” – John C. Maxwell is probably the author I have read the most. Granted, he turns out a lot of books, but they are all good and helpful. “Thinking For A Change” was, by far, my favorite. He outlines the 11 different types of thinking and how we can harness them to achieve amazing results. It’s a winner.

“The Millionaire Messenger” – Brendon Burchard is the #1 expert on creating experts. He is high energy and has created a great framework that you can follow if you think that you want to make a living helping other people. The book is short and sweet and easy to read, and there is no better resource if you want to share your experiences with the world and make a living doing it.

“REWORK” – Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson challenge a lot of the conventional wisdom on how to start and run a business. From and office and a staff to a business plan, Jason and David debunk a whole host of things that you don’t need to start a business. It is easy to read, filled with fun illustrations and bursting with excuse busting advice on how to get going and to be successful.

“The Long Walk: A Story of War and The Life That Follows” – Brian Castner is a guy from my hometown of Buffalo, NY. He went off to Iraq as the commander of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team and witnessed things that have changed his life forever. This book seamlessly intertwines the events that happened in Iraq and the events that have happened since he has returned home. It is an amazing book, written in a style we seldom see. It isn’t an easy read, but it is exciting, and heartbreaking and heartwarming, and eye-opening, all rolled into one.

Twitter Feeds – Some really successful and/or people who share great ideas and some of who interact with their followers.

@JohnCMaxwell – Well known leadership expert and best selling author
@CarrieWilkerson – Full of energy and inspiration and great coaching.
@HearApplause - The Twitter feed for leadership coach Leonna Le Perriere. Posts a lot of great links to helpful stuff.
@Lotay – Financial guy and great philanthropist. Always something inspirational.
@LollyDaskal – Great one line leadership quips every day.
@MelindaGates – Wife of Bill Gates and co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Doing awesome things.
@ElonMusk – Founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX, Elon is a genius and one of the great innovators of our day.
@SirKenRobinson – Creativity and education expert. Constantly challenging the status quo.
@RichardBranson – Entrepreneur and adventurer. Always something interesting to say.
@berkun – Scott Berkun is a public speaker and author and fill of useful tidbits.
@lessig - Government is a mess and Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig has some great suggestions on fixing it.

These Twitter feeds will make you smarter. No doubt about it.

@factsandtrivia – They bill themselves as “A collection of interesting facts and historical trivia about a variety of fun topics.” And they are.
@GoogleFacts – Fun fact site, and the most followed fact site in Europe. Why? We have no bloody idea.
@OMGFacts – Number 1 fact site in the world. Over 4.8 million followers.
@TEDTalks – The Twitter feed of the TED Talk video archive. You’ll get daily links to the best TED talks.
@politifact - If you see it on the news. Check out if it is true. You might not know this, but some politicians miss the truth.