Make Your Community Better

Each and everyone of us is a member of a community, multiple communities, actually. The community you live in, the community you work or go to school in, the community you worship in, or play sports in, etc. This morning, while I was taking my morning walk, I realized that even that was a community I was a member of.

Every day, I walk from my house to the far side of a county park next to my house and back. It’s a little over three miles and takes me about 45 minutes. I generally walk at the same time everyday, and there are 15-20 people who generally do the same thing. So, each and every day, I see some combination of the same people.

This morning, one of the Parks Department employees was pulling out of the lot where they keep the equipment he drives. He stopped at the road and looked away from me and waved to the three people and two dogs that I see every morning. He turned towards me and gave me a big smile and wave and then he drove off on his big mower to keep the park looking good. I don’t know his name, or the names of the three people and two dogs, but each morning we see each other and offer a wave and a cheerful “good morning”. We recognize each other and want to start off our days with positive greetings and well wishes ¬†instead of keeping our eyes down and averting gazes.

Even when your involvement in a community is minimal, you can make it a better place with very small actions. Sometimes a smile or a nod of encouragement is all that it takes.

Five Great Habits to Create on the Road to Success

If you have ever met me, you know that I am a fan of habits. Ever since I started teaching Leadership skills to high school students, I have studied the powerful role that habits play in our daily lives. From the most mundane things, like brushing our teeth, to the more high impact things, like eating healthy, our habits are what push us in the direction of success or of failure. Continue reading