Steve Tasker Self-Leadership Experience Camp for High School Students

Ask any leadership expert and they will tell you that leaders aren’t born, they are made. This summer I have the great opportunity to work with some of Western New York’s best and brightest leaders as the head leadership coach at the Steve Tasker Self-Leadership Experience, at Canisius College from August 4th – 6th. There are still spots available, so register today. Also, there are FULL SCHOLARSHIPS available as well.

The camp will be a high energy, three day camp filled with leadership coaches from all different walks of life. The coaches include:

Steve Tasker – Best known for his time as a member of the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl teams and currently as a NFL broadcaster, Steve will share stories of the skills and habits that he used to build two extremely successful careers.

Adam Page – Born with Spina Bifida, and unwilling to let that be an obstacle in his life, Adam has won two gold medals as a member of the USA Paralympic Sled Hockey team. He has also set several national records including most points in a game and most points in a tournament. Adam will share his story and the skills and self-discipline he used to achieve great things.

Brynne Harrison – A researcher and lecturer at the University at Buffalo, Brynne is an expert in the field of communications. She will share her knowledge of public speaking and conflict resolution, two essential success skills in today’s competitive market.

Ajitpaul Mangat – A PhD candidate at the University at Buffalo, Ajitpaul has also worked as a graduate assistant at SUNY-Buffalo’s Center for Excellence in Writing. He will be sharing the importance of writing skills and coaching campers in a short daily exercise designed to improve written communication skills.

Tamara McMillan –  An award winning professor, TEDx speaker, and blogger, and the Chief Empowerment Officer at McMillan Empowerment Enterprise, a company energized by creating and supporting platforms of empowerment. Tamara will be coaching on goal setting and making a daily commitment to those goals.

Mike Seege and Elizabeth Carey – Mike and Elizabeth are partners in the Team Building Team, and will focus on skills essential to being a good team member. No leader can lead effectively without being apart of the team. Mike and Elizabeth will focus on the skills needed to be a part of a team.

Zandra Cunningham – is a 15 year old entrepreneur from Buffalo, NY. When not creating products to make you look, feel, and smell good, she is busy with her studies. Zandra will share the story of how she created a successful business at age 14 and how she manages to fit it all into her busy day.

Danielle Delmonte – Danielle is the owner and founder of PrepStart Consulting LLC, an independent college admissions and career development consulting practice based in Buffalo, NY. With a unique background in public relations, marketing and college counseling, Danielle provides a wide range of innovative college admissions and professional development services to high school and college students. Danielle will be discussing personal branding, personal PR and how students don’t use social media in a way that will help them achieve their goals.


The camp will feature a mix of instructional sections and hands-on activities to teach the following skills:

Making good choices, getting along with others, being a good team member, managing your time, speaking out effectively, making good decisions, self-confidence. writing effectively, making good 1st impressions, how not to ruin yourself on social media, increasing your self-awareness, forming good habits, setting goals, and many more.

Every camper will also receive a copy of my book “10 Things We Should Teach You In High School and Usually Don’t”which is all about success skills for school, work, and life.

The camp runs from August 4 – 6, 2015 , so time is running out. Register today.

Youth Summer Leadership Development Boot Camp

For over a decade I have had the pleasure of teaching leadership to high school students. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the light bulb go off, the “a-ha” moment when they understand exactly what it is that I am trying to say to them. That’s why I was so excited to accept the invitation of the Canisius College Center for Professional Development to distill my lessons down to a four-day intensive, a boot camp, if you will, on leadership for the high school student.

My first rule of leadership has always been “leadership is a choice”. Step number one is to decide that you want to be successful and happy and a good leader. Once that decision is seriously and sincerely made, there is no stopping you. Over the four days of this workshop we’ll cover the most important skills that can help high school students be successful in school, in their leadership roles, and in developing rich relationships with family, friends, and co-workers that ultimately drive our successes. Notice I said the “skills” we need, because there is nothing about leadership that you need to be born with. Every single skill can be learned and developed.

We’ll look at our strengths and weaknesses, and see how they can fit into a successful life. We’ll look at how we can train our brains for success. We’ll discuss time management and the essential skill of goal setting, complete with strategies to make sure you can achieve them. We’ll talk about personal and professional communication, one of the most important skills of successful people. We’ll discuss your personal brand and the steps you need to take to create and control the image you want in the digital age. We’ll talk about organizational leadership – the skills you need to lead the team to success. Finally, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take to be a success for your whole life.

Sound intense? It will be. We’ll cover all of that in a four day camp on the beautiful Canisius College campus, in Buffalo, July 15-18, 2013. Leaders are not born, they are made, and this camp will provide a strong foundation in the skills needed to stand out in this very competitive world. Who can attend? High school juniors and seniors and recent graduates. This would make an outstanding graduation gift for the student just entering college. One thing is true, hope is not a strategy, you have to take action. Join me at the Youth Summer Leadership Camp to begin your journey or to hone your skills.

For more information or to register for the camp, follow this link to the Center for Professional Development Website.

If you have more questions, you can reach me here, or contact the Center for Professional Development.