10 Things We Should Teach You In High School and Usually Don’t

10 Things We Should Teach You in High School book coverFor 20 years I’ve been a teacher. I’ve designed and taught curricula for classes in Public Speaking, Leadership, Marketing, Journalism, Personal Finance, and several digital design courses.

Several years ago I attended a conference where I learned from college professors that high school students are missing some key skills when they reach college. By and large, they cannot write well enough or manage their time well. They have parents who have not raised them to be independent, and they lack the critical thinking skills necessary for success in today’s information based economy.

As I returned to the classroom, and as talk shifted to the implementation (or botching) of the Common Core State Standards, I started to recognize more and more life skills that modern students were lacking, not just for college, but for success in life, in general.

After identifying the most important of these skills, including habit formation, self-promotion, financial literacy and networking, I wrote “10 Things We Should Teach You In High School and Usually Don’t” to help teach them, not just to high school students, but to anyone who may have missed learning them along the way.


The earlier that people learn these skills, the longer they have to use them to craft the life that they want for themselves. It is also true that high school kids learn the most from the role models in their lives – parents, teachers and coaches. With that in mind, I included some easy action items at the end of each chapter for parents and teachers to do with kids to help teach these essential life skills.

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Our lives are like the whiteboards in my classrooms. We can write what we want on them, and we can erase the things that we don’t like. Nothing is permanent, and the ability to change it lies solely with us. “10 Things We Should Teach You In High School and Usually Don’t” provides a nice set of tools for our personal success tool boxes. Using the tools is up to us.

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The only thing holding you back is YOU,



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  • markwguay

    As we begin another school year, I think of what Pete Herr wrote in this book and wish that every teacher and student would read this. Great work Pete :) Thank you for creating it.

  • kuyio

    High school educational action plan completely different in terms of the process flows as well as the productive natures of maintaining the progressive thoughts of educational belongings in proper manner. in that case this is the ideal situation in doing the progressive issues do well in proper manner so that anyone could do it in proper manner.